This project was designed in response to a particular moment in the life of a building – Pelham Tower, a moment in which  political, ideological and financial views collide.  The high rise nature of the building stands as a metaphor for the separation between the debated ideas and views. Buildings routinely represent a kind of constancy, a monolith in the landscape and although they are adapted and changed over time this generally occurs in indeterminable increments, this is partly why the current catastrophical change is so keenly felt.

As the building raises floor by floor its physicality mirrors and reinforces the hierarchical nature of its organisation.  Each floor offers solace to its communities at a structural and individual level but then silos them in relation to the whole.

The project title proposes outcomes for the building, firstly ‘Pelham’, refers to a tangible building as container for memory, locatable in the real world.  ”TQ 31317 04902′ refers to a building of the past, an intangible which is only locatable in the virtual world by its coordinates on the earth, identity and memory are dispersed and now resides in myth.